Supercomputing for Industry

Development and implementation of new and effective methods

To our partners with a problem  to which they  do not have a suitable  solution, we offer the assistance with identification of a suitable method or the development of a new one and its effective implementation as well. Our experience and expertise covers problems of structural mechanics and fluid mechanics (see Portfolio).

Our cooperation may begin with specification of the problem and the client’s requirements (see Basic and Applied Research).

The next step is  a discussion about the proposed solution by IT4Innovations, which, in the case of a mutual agreement, will initiate the implementation phase. Our knowledge  and expertise is based on the successful research of the Department of Applied Mathematics, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava in the development of numerical and parallel scalable algorithms and their application to engineering problems in cooperation with the Department of Applied Mechanics and the Department of Mechanics of Materials.

In most cases, our partners use their own software solution for solving their problems. The functionality of such a solution can be during our cooperation extended or improved in indicators such as computation time or requirements on computing resources. We have experience with open source libraries (such as OpenFOAM, Trilinos, Elmer, PETSc) which can be plugged into the current code and speed up the implementation phase of software development. Our experts can analyze the effectiveness of the implementation, identify its weaknesses, perform the optimization for a particular architecture, and also use the computing capabilities of graphics cards (see Parallel Programming).