Supercomputing for Industry


List of services provided by our team:

Calculations in Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD), Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM) and Biomechanics areas

We offer the knowledge and expertise in numerical modeling in these areas. Our researches have many years of experience with both commercial (ANSYS, MSC, Fluent, …) and open source tools (OpenFoam, Code Saturne, Code Aster, Elmer, …). We are well equipped to provide the technical support as well as computational resources to run the calculations for our customers. For more details click here.

Development and Implementation of Novel Efficient Methods /

We offer the knowledge and expertise in the development and implementation of novel and efficient methods for numerical modeling in the areas of computational flow dynamics or computational structural mechanics. For customers with an in-house code designed to solve a specific problem, our experts can develop and implement new methods to either add a functionality or increase the efficiency. For more details click here.

Enabling of code porting to HPC systems and their optimization / Access to IT4I computational resources (with or without assistance)

IT4Innovations could offer support and assistance for porting of existing codes to HPC systems such as Anselm and other systems under PRÁCE project. This support could be offered for commercial and in-house codes of our partners. Within this support profiling and optimization for HPC platforms could be offered as well.

Customers interested in IT4I computational resources can use one of the following modes:

For more details click here.