Supercomputing for Industry

Open Source codes

One of the options for using numerical modeling and simulations on high performance computing systems is using existing open source codes. Our researchers could provide expertise in using and customization of open source codes such as OpenFOAM, Code_Saturne, Code_Aster or Elmer.


OpenFOAM® (Open Field Operation and Manipulation) is an open source product for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. OpenFOAM is a widely used code by users from both academia and industry from different fields of science and engineering. OpenFOAM could solve complex problems including turbulent flow, heat transfer or chemical reactions. All its parts including meshing, pre and post processing could be run in parallel which allows to fully utilize high performance systems. OpenFOAM is open source which allows users to make changes to source codes and extend its existing functions to solve their specific problems and needs. Customization and extension of OpenFOAM capabilities is one of the services our researchers could offer to our clients (see Services)

Code Saturne

Code_Saturne is another open source package able to solve CFD problems. Its development is supported by Electricite de France (EDF) one of the largest company in the world. Our researchers collaborate with a team lead by Charles Mullinec on the development of this code.

Code Aster

Code Aster is another code supported by EDF. Its a finite element based code for solving structural mechanics problems in the  area of civil and structural engineering.


Elmer is open source code for solving multiphysic problems developer by CSC – IT Center for Science. Our researchers have  a close collaboration with CSC on the implementation of our in-house code FLLOP, a highly parallel solver based on FETI method, into Elmer.