Supercomputing for Industry


Electricity production from renewable resources, efficient energy production, and optimization of energy consumption, emissions reduction and introduction of modern highly efficient technologies belongs among the priorities of the Czech government. Numerical simulation has a huge potential to be one of the essential tools for the development of new innovative solutions for energy production and conversion and modernization of existing equipment.

There are many problems where strong theoretical base described in term of mathematical equations is available but which could not be numerically solved due to hardware restrictions. Supercomputer at IT4I could handle such problems and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) could be used for R&D of energy equipment.

In area of CFD the following simulations could be performed:

  • flow in combustion chamber of boiler including chemical reactions and fuel combustion,
  • flow in water, steam and air pipes,
  • combustion simulation including NOx, CO, SO2 production,
  • optimization of heat exchanger.

The examples of completed projects: Muffler optimization (IVITAS, a.s.)

In the area of CSD the following simulations could be performed:

  • static and dynamic analysis of constructions,
  • non-linear analysis (large deformations, large strains, elasto-plastic materials),
  • thermo mechanical simulations including relaxation, creep, viscoelastic or viscoplastic materials,
  • fluid structure interaction,
  • linear and non-linear buckling,
  • optimization.

Examples of completed projects: (1) Siemens, s.r.o.: Vývoj synchronních elektromotorů v osových výškách 71, 80, 90 mm, litinovém provedení a třídách účinnosti IE2, IE3.