Supercomputing for Industry

Biomedical Engineering

The development of original advanced instruments in collaboration with medical institutions based on needs of physicians, surgeons, or needs of medical market with the aim to improve health care.

Field of Research and Development

  • Medical Instruments – any kind of instrument based on suggestions from physicians.
  • Surgical Instruments – mainly electro-chirurgical radiofrequency (bipolar) instruments for use at open or laparoscopic intervention.
  • Diagnostic Instruments – development of instruments for specific human body parameters measurement to prevent health risks or for an accurate evaluation of convalescence efficiency.


  • HEIDI – Magnet-openable jaw endoscopic tool for electro surgery. This instrument is about 2mm in diameter only. It’s developed for modern type of intervention in endometrial area – office hysteroscopy.
  • RONJA – Radiofrequency surgical instrument for surface and subsurface semispherical application. Advanced radiofrequency instrument for open type intervention in abdominal cavity. Mainly for use on highly blood supplied body organs – especially on livers. This instrument is quicker, easier to use and more effective compared to today’s instruments.

Testing of RONJA