Supercomputing for Industry


In automotive industry CFD and CSD packages are widely used for solving broad range of problems such as external and internal aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, thermo mechanics and structural dynamics. Simulation software available at IT4I allows our researchers make assessment of all parameters of a car and focus on its parts and components for optimization.

In the area of CFD following simulations could be performed:

  • aerodynamics simulation with aero acoustic noise prediction
  • internal flow in a car (air-conditioning)
  • flow in the car exhaust system, catalyst, EGR valve
  • disc brake cooling
  • engine cooling system
  • gas tank filling and critical states

Examples of completed projects: VW Beetle, G-cooling system, reflector Varroc. In the area of CSD our researchers has experiences and knowledge in the following areas:

  • FEM model creation specific to the solved problem
  • complex static analysis with geometrical and material non-linarites and with changing boundary conditions
  • modal analysis of a car and its parts and components
  • frequency response to harmonic and random excitation
  • crash tests and pedestrian safety
  • optimization of parts and components (headlights, door lock etc.)
  • fatigue and life prediction

The examples of completed projects: (1) VOP – 026 Šternberk, s.p.: Počítačová simulace proudění vzduchu ve vozidle.