Supercomputing for Industry


In aerospace industry numerical modeling and simulation is used for years to create high end products. An effort to build aero planes with high added value requires state of the art software tools able to solve very complex problems from the area of CFD and CSD. IT4I national supercomputer center could offer not only hardware and a software resource for the creation of numerical models but also knowledge and expertise in development and implementation of effective algorithms for a complex solution of those problems.
In the area of CFD following simulations could be performed:

  • aerodynamics of a plane, airfoil etc.
  • aerodynamic noise prediction
  • passenger comfort (air-conditioning)

The examples of solved problems: Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII.
In the area of CSD the following simulations could be performed:

  • static analysis of plane and its parts and components
  • modal analysis
  • crash test simulations
  • multi-body simulations,
  • mechatronics simulations
  • fatigue analysis and life prediction
  • static and dynamic simulation of composite materials
  • fluid Structure Interaction Simulations
  • optimization