Supercomputing for Industry


The PermonIneq package extends PermonQP (a package providing a base for solution of quadratic programming problems – QP) with algorithms for solution of inequality constrained QP problems. ineq_166_110This kind of problems appear in solution of structure mechanics problems (elasticity, plasticity, contact mechanics and others), least-squares regression, data fitting, data mining, support vector machines, control systems and others. These problems are not solvable by common linear system solvers, or they would have to be manually simplified, which is a time consuming process. Currently, the package contains implementations of MPRGP (Modified Proportioning with Reduced Gradient Projections) and SMALBE (SemiMonotonic Augmented Lagrangian algorithm for Bound and Equality constraints) algorithms, developed by Professor Zdeněk Dostál.

The PermonQP and PermonIneq packages are based on PETSc, a software framework for numerical computations. Thanks to that they are usable on all major operating systems and architectures of personal computers as well as supercomputers. The code is written in ANSI C and requires PETSc 3.4 and higher. It is recommended to link PETSc with at least one external parallel direct solver (MUMPS, SuperLU, PaStiX).

Key features