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PermonCube is a package providing an environment for development of finite element methods. The main capability is generating the mesh with billion of unknowns in parallel over the cubical domain (sample of decomposed mesh on Fig. decomposition), and also preparing and assembling linear algebra objects, mostly for the problems related to mechanically deformable bodies.

The essential data are stiffness matrix K and right-hand side vector f in mutual relation Ku = f, where u is vector of nodal displacements. If the domain decomposition method (DDM) is not used, there is an option to use build-in iterative solver (obtained solution on Fig. displacement).

Additional data provided by PermonCube, if DDM is present, is matrix B, so-called gluing matrix, which enforces equality conditions between subdomains. Dirichlet boundary conditions can be implemented via matrix B as well, in addition to ordinary techniques (applied directly into K, and f).

Parallel mesh is controlled by two groups of parameters. Number of subdomains is managed by parameters Nx, Ny, Nz (in x, y and z direction), and similarly the number of elements per subdomain is given by nx, ny, nz.

The restricted version of the library providing undecomposed mesh is available for download. All instructions are in zipped file. To get the full version, please contact us on this mail



This product is distributed under the 2-clause BSD licence.

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