Supercomputing for Industry


BEM4I is a novel library of parallel boundary element method based solvers, which has been developed at Centre of Excellence IT4Innovations since 2013, and which is built on long-term research and code development at the Department of Applied Mathematics, VSB – TU Ostrava. The purpose of the code is to provide efficient solvers for engineering problems modeled by Laplace, Helmholtz, or Lamé equations.
The code is written in C++ and it is parallelized using OpenMP and MPI. To gain maximum performance out of modern processors, it uses vectorization of the most computationally demanding routines. For the matrix sparsification, which is necessary for the solution of real world problems by BEM, the fast multipole method is employed.
The library is in the state of rapid development and is now used mainly for internal purposes at IT4I and Dept. of Applied Mathematics. Therefore, it is not currently  available to public.

Key features