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Washing machine motion

This project was funded by Moravian Silesian region government and Primus CE, s.r.o.

Main objective of this project was to study behavior of washing machine during operation with focus on data recording and behavior prediction. Optical methods such as dynamic photometry, dynamic image correlation or ESPI are usually used to measure vibrations of rigid bodies. For those methods optically sensitive layer or mesh has to be placed on observed object. This makes optical methods very expensive. In this project new noncontact measurement methodology was developed.

Development of measurement system

New apparatus for the measurement of spatial motion of washing machine drum using laser and induction sensors was developed. Six HBM induction sensors placed in the vicinity of washing machine drum were used. Their location was chosen with applicability for different types of washing machines in mind. The details of measurement principle and the placement of sensors are described in Technical Disclosure No.152/20-12-2010_F.

Software development for recording and evaluation of spatial motion

Software package Labview NI was used for software development for data recording from 6 sensors. This software allows data recording, storing them on a disc, loading from the disc for subsequent analysis and post processing including animations of washing machine drum movement.

Methodology and measurement system application

The industrial washing machine unit FX 135 was chosen for the following measurements using induction and laser sensors respectively:

Major deliverables of this project were a prototype of measurement system with laser sensors, software for data recording and evaluation. All of them will be used by Primus CE for the development of new products.

Software for measurement and evaluation is placed here.

To use the software, please contact: