Supercomputing for Industry

Design of ladder rungs

This project was done in collaboration with ALVE spol. s r.o.

Analytical solution

Analytical solution following ČSN EN 131-2 direction was developed to verify FEM simulation. A parametric study using MS Excel was carried out. The total deformation of ladder was calculated as a superposition of the deformation of rung and side of the ladder.

Numerical solution

Commercial FE package ANSYS was used for numerical simulation. Ansys parametric design language (APDL) was used to create numerical model. Shell elements were used to model both rungs and sides of the ladder. Results obtained from numerical analysis were in very good agreement with analytical solution.

Profiles optimization

Parametric study of height and radius of ladder side following ČSN EN 131 direction was performed to optimize design of the ladder. The conclusion of this study was that for the 3 steps ladder the height of ladder side could be reduced.