Supercomputing for Industry

Steam Boiler Muffler

This project was funded by Moravian Silesian region government and IVITAS a.s.

In power plants where steam boilers are used to generate electricity pressure reduction in whole system is needed from time to time. This is done by exhausting the steam from boiler through safety valve. Exhausting high amount of steam emits noise at a very high acoustic level. A muffler to lower acoustic pressure to acceptable limit is usually used. Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations were used in this project to predict acoustic noise generated by existing design of a muffler and to optimize its shape to create new design with better properties in term of noise reduction.

Aero acoustics

For complex assessment of muffler behavior during steam exhaust noise and vibration measurement together with finite element modal analysis were carried out. Open source code OpenFOAM was employed for CFD simulations. In-house acoustic solver based on broad band noise prediction was implemented into this code.

HPC deployment

Deployment of open source code OpenFOAM on HPC platform brings advantage in shortening the computational time compared  to common work stations and flexibility in term of implementation of new features or solvers into existing code such as OpenFOAM.