Supercomputing for Industry

Simulation of rolling process

All above mentioned simulations were done in collaboration with ITA, s.r.o.

Simulation of flatness defects of steel sheets

Steel sheets rolled on a wide track are supplied to end user in rolls. Those rolls are used for manufacturing steel panels. It is very difficult to obtain required flatness of those panels by straightener. To understand processes during the straightening of steel panel finite element (FE) simulation was performed to optimize the whole process and increase its efficiency. Commercial FEM packages together with in-house codes developed by our researchers were used to perform this simulation.

Stress analysis in support rolls

Service life of support rolls depends on stress concentration due to loading and their shape. Main objective of this project was to analyze stress distribution and deformation in contact between support and main rolls. FEM was used to perform numerical analysis and optimize support roll design.

FEM analysis of steels sheets

To get an insight into stress distribution and deformation in steel sheets during hot rolling process,  FEM based numerical simulation was performed. During this research project a numerical model was developed using FEM based engineering software.