Supercomputing for Industry

GA CR: Contact problems

In this project we are interested in the solution of  large multibody transient contact problems with friction. We want to use our in-house quadratic programing algorithms developed for the solution of the QPQC (Quadratic Programing with Quadratic Constraints) and combine them with energy conserving time discretization schemes avoiding non-physical oscillations. The oscillations occur when the standard time discretization methods introduced for unconstrained problems are applied to contact problems. Domain decomposition methods, in particular the Total FETI (Finite Element Tearing and Interconnecting) method and its hybrid variants, will be used for the parallel solution. To improve the rate of convergence we want to extend preconditioning by the conjugate projector to the solution of QPQC problems with separable quadratic constraints that appear just in the Total FETI formulation of dynamics problems with friction.