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Impact damper

Field of research and development

Impacts of solid bodies are important mechanical phenomena. Their presence can be observed during a large number of natural and technological processes and it is possible to use them for the construction of impact elements that attenuate vibrations. The experience and theoretical analyses show that behavior of the impact systems is highly nonlinear, highly sensitive to initial conditions and instantaneous excitation effects lead frequently to irregular vibrations and hardly predictable movements. In the early stage of research, a system formed by a rotor and its casing flexibly coupled with a baseplate and of an impact body, which is separated from the casing by two, lower and upper, gaps, is analysed. A new contribution of the presented work consists in investigating the system oscillations as a result of a combined time variable loading caused by two sources, the rotor unbalance and the baseplate vibrations. Results of the performed simulations contribute to better understanding of dynamical behavior of such technological devices (eg. periodic, quasiperiodic and chaotic movements of the bodies were observed).