Supercomputing for Industry


Practical Performance Analysis of Parallel Applications

27.-28.5.2014 | On completion participants should be familiar with common performance analysis techniques and how they can be employed in practice (on a range of HPC systems). Those who prepared their own application test cases will have been coached in the tuning of their measurement and analysis, and provided optimization suggestions.

Elmer finite element software for large scale multiphysical problems

9.-10.6.2014 | After the tutorial the participants should be able to solve basic engineering problems using the graphical user interface of Elmer and also run these problems in parallel. The tutorial gives a good starting point for more complex simulations using Elmer software.

Intel Xeon Phi Co-Processor Workshop

15.-16. 5. 2014 | After the workshop, participants will be able to start porting and tuning their own applications for the Xeon Phi Coprocessor. Lectures and lab exercises address both C/C++ and Fortran.

Introduction to OpenMP

24.-25. 4. 2014 | In this workshop, we will cover the core features of the OpenMP 3.1 standard. This will be a hands-on workshop. We expect students to use their own laptops (with Windows, Linux, or OS/X). We will have access to the Anselm supercomputer with an OpenMP compiler. Students can also load an OpenMP compiler onto their laptops before the workshop.

Advanced features of CUDA technology

28.3.2014 | The third lecture on programming on GPUs.

Programming in CUDA

19.2.2014 | The second lecture on programming on GPUs.

Industrial seminar IT4Innovations

18. 3. 2014 | Meeting with industrial partners, where we introduce our supercomputing services, opportunities for collaboration, and built infrastructure.

Introduction to general computation on GPU

7.2.2014 | This introductory course will give students basic insight into the problems of GPGPU (general computation on graphics cards).

Internal seminar on HPC

Regular seminars on HPC are now organized.

HPC seminar: Modern processors architecture

9. 1. 2014 | In this introductory talk the basic terms will be recalled.