Supercomputing for Industry


The important mission of our team is collaboration with external research institutes and industrial partners working in automotive, aerospace, and energy area. Our scientists have been historically successful with both conducting the research and funding it from private and public sources. We offer different forms of collaboration in the following areas:

Commercial research is collaboration based on a commercial contract. This type of collaboration is recommended for perspective partners where a research problem is well defined and IT4I experts can propose an optimal solution. An optimization of existing codes or applications is a typical example of such research. Another important property of this type of collaboration is related to Intellectual Property (IP) created during the contract. Here in most cases IP is exclusively owned by the commercial partner and not by IT4I. The partial list of our projects and partners is here.

Joint Research is another form of collaboration suitable for partners from academia and commercial sector. A typical example could be  research that leads to understanding of new phenomena or the development of the next generation of products. For joint research co-funding through different grant schemes could be explored.

Joint research can be further divided into the following categories: