Supercomputing for Industry

About us

Our research team was established on September 1st 2011 along with other teams and research programs at IT4Innovations. Our work is based on successful research conducted at Department of Applied Mathematics at VSB TU Ostrava in the area of scalable numerical algorithms. Together with Department of Mechanics and Department of Mechanics of Materials, these novel algorithms have been effectively used to solve challenging engineering problems (see Research). We have also the advantage of long-term collaboration with renowned domestic and international research centers, and industrial partners (see Projects).

The members of our team are mostly recruited from the employees of departments listed above. In many cases our researchers are still active in teaching, training and advising our talented students. Nevertheless, our primal goal is to help our colleagues at IT4I, the members of academic community of the Czech Republic, and our industrial partners with parallel computing (see Services).

Thanks to our skills and knowledge, everybody who is interested can use modern parallel methods to solve their practical problems without deep knowledge of high performance computing and parallel programming.

We are open to collaboration with industry or academia (see Collaboration).

Our expertise is proven by number of successful projects (see Portfolio).